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'64 Farms provides high quality
Oklahoma-grown and made
goods so you can feel good
about feeling better.




Unwind and socialize while in the FLOW with our relaxing happy hour blend.

Feel the FOCUS, creativity and clarity with our invigorating active daytime blend.

Rest and restore with our premium extract infused nighttime blend. FINALLY a good night’s sleep.

Our Quality Promise

  • Natural Cannabis and Cannabis Terpenes
  • ​Sustainable farming practices
  • ​Organic, natural soil & amendments
  • ​Triple tested by independent labs
  • ​ ZERO processing residue
  • Fully state compliant
  • ​Whole plant methodology
  • ​Rich, smooth aromas and taste

Not Just Any Medical Cannabis Extract

Community Centered

From farmers to consumers, cannabis can be a business that nurtures families financially and medically. We partner with local family farmers, create user-friendly products, and support Oklahomans on their wellness journey with medicinal cannabis education.

Responsibly Sourced

We are committed to working with suppliers who are ethical, use approved organic nutrients and pest control, compliant with sustainable best practices and state regulations. In this way, we preserve and manage our valuable resources: air, water and land.

Intentionally Crafted

We stand by the tenants of quality: safety, quality assurance, testing, and training. We extract using the safest processing standards and newest technology to produce products with zero processing residue to make the best products for your health

Whole Plant Extracted

For almost 10,000 years, humans have used cannabis for wellness. By crafting with full-spectrum terpene profiles create flavorful, enjoyable blends. We infuse as much whole plant goodness as possible into our products.

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